Research Solutions Ltd
For Market Data & Advisory to B2B clients

Research Solutions Ltd

For Market Data & Advisory to B2B clients

About Us

We are a B2B research & consulting house with a distinct action orientated set of data & analysis offering. 

We believe in creative, practical, fact based strategies & we help to implement them:

We are streetwise while keep our intellect sharp.

Our History


Four directors of AGB (now TNS) set up in a derelict warehouse in 1984 & soon had the likes of 3M, ABB, AMP, HP, IBM, Siemens & UPS as clients. 

Three divisions of IT, Logistics & Industrial became an annual £10+  million research & advisory service to over a 100 companies across the world. 

Two divisions were sold to a company on the stock exchange & 3 directors retired, now the industrial division is in its own building with a team of multinational executives.


Our Approach


Our approach fits our objective: To support better decisions thus adding to safer ways of increasing profits. 

We help you dare do that much more by better knowledge of risks, be it in product development, customer retention, market coverage or acquisitions.

Our methods are simple but penetrating in securing high quality data & competitor & customer insights to map the lay of the land such that you navigate your way safely to your objectives.



Product List

Our Titles


We have worked on some 150+ industrial topics & have deep understanding of engineering processes be it load testing a mobile telephone network, using co-extruded film in wrapping cheese, using an inverter for sectional drives or a vacuum pump & the lubricant use in forging or in fact calibrating the forging oven!

See our subject portfolio


Areas of Practice

Types of work we do

  • Product Planning

  • Acquisition Studies

  • Channel Analysis and e-commerce

  • Customer Satisfaction and Image Tracking

  • Customers Databases

  • Competitor Profiling and Intelligence

  • Lost Order Studies

  • Customer List Laundering

  • CRM: Key Account Management

  • Market Dimensioning

Our Business Model

See our list of almost 200 topics. We are an industrial agency familiar with a large range of technical products & the processes & industries they are used in. We are uniquely placed to help you, given our specialism in these fields, as we do not have to learn at the client’s expense and thus bring to private studies a wealth of information and experience gained over many years.  

Our titles are what introduce us to a sector & the clients who need data & advice. In a privately commissioned projects we can provided advice and problem solving on all aspects of marketing and distribution with authority & economy.

Our Resources & Geography

We have an all graduate team of professionals who provide a unique range of skills and experience.  The team have fluency in a wide range of languages, advanced technical knowledge and business experience. On private assignments the client will work closely with the project manager and the team working on the assignment.  On syndicated projects the team leader will be available to answer any questions that arise.  Our existing reports gives you an idea of our geographic range.  We have worked  from Japan & Russia, to India, Turkey & Brazil or North or South Africa & North America.

Automation, Electrotechnology, Building Services, Motion & Process Control

ALL leading electrical & automation suppliers, ranging from position sending, drives, flow & pressure to wiring accessories have been our clients seeking a variety of support, including acquisition intelligence. 

Examples of Product Development: A hollow shaft servo motor, new proximity switch, new hydronic air conditioner, New range of CAM Switches 

Examples of voice of customer: Trade off cheap Coriolis vs MagFlow & Vortex meters. 

Examples of Business Development: New Applications for Piezos, New Solenoid Valve applications. 

Test & Measurement, Scientific Instruments, Machines, Mechanical Transmission

ALL key electronic test companies have been served here, as have many mechanical engineering companies addressing commercial problems.

Product Development Examples: A new range of Spectrum Analysers, New Timer/Counter range, New Single Stage Large Gear, 

Voice of the Customer: Industrial Centrifuge repair business, 

Business Development: Pricing Mobile Telephony Load Test Software, Competitor Positions in Laboratory Centrifuge Market. Eastern European Agent Replacement, Industrial Oven Calibration to NADCAP standard.

Materials: Lubricants, Textile Chemicals, Co-Extruded Film, Ceramics, Plastic Pipe

25 Lubricant companies have enjoyed our support.  We have an expanding portfolio of work on materials.

Product Development Examples: New range of Biodegradable oil, Food Grade Lubricants Portfolio

Voice of the Customer: Forging Lubricant User Attitudes, Attitudes to New Boron Free Oils, Japanese Marine Distributor Mapping

Business Development Examples: Large Order Mapping of Buyer, Forecourt Pricing, Base Oil buyer mapping Europe.


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