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Research Solutions Ltd


We are a B2B research & consulting house with a distinct action orientated set of data & analysis offering. 

We believe in creative, practical, fact based strategies & we help to implement them: We are streetwise while keep our intellect sharp.

Our History

Four directors of AGB (now TNS) set up in a derelict warehouse in 1984 & soon had the likes of 3M, ABB, AMP, HP, IBM, Siemens & UPS as clients. 

Three divisions of IT, Logistics & Industrial became an annual £10+  million research & advisory service to over a 100 companies across the world. 

Two divisions were sold to a company on the stock exchange & 3 directors retired, now the industrial division is in its own building with a team of multinational executives.

Our Approach

Our approach fits our objective: To support better decisions thus adding to safer ways of increasing profits.  We help you dare do that much more by better knowledge of risks, be it in product development, customer retention, market coverage or acquisitions. Our methods are simple but penetrating in securing high quality data & competitor & customer insights to map the lay of the land such that you navigate your way safely to your objectives. 

Our Titles

We have worked on some 150+ industrial topics & have deep understanding of engineering processes be it load testing a mobile telephone network, using co-extruded film in wrapping cheese, using an inverter for sectional drives or a vacuum pump & the lubricant use in forging or in fact calibrating the forging oven!

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